Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion, I do not represent Unique or any official role with the Subtrapunk community! It is purely an idea at this stage. But one that has been discussed among the community multiple times, and did exclusively received positive feedback, leading to the writing of this concept as a basis to perhaps move it further if possible and desired.

It has been brought up that Substrapunks lack variety, compared to their paragon, the cryptopunks. While the more subtle color palette also has upsides (e.g. Sub’punks blending in great when inserted in existing art and photography), this…

In 2020, the Unique Network developers created the Substrapunks, as an homage to the now famous Cryptopunks. They did this for a Kusama Network (part of the Polkadot Ecosystem) hackathon. They won 2 awards on Hackusama — Build the blockchain (Unique Network) and a Community award, as people just loved it.

10,000 unique character images were created with a brand new set of face parts. Substrapunk images are auto-generated from 8 parts. Some of them are optional (like a beard or cigar), some are required (like the face). Some are uni-sex (like earrings or noserings), but some define the gender…

Substrapunk Polkapunk

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